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Welcome to the world of APCO blocks. Built to give you great look, aesthetic charm and everlasting value. APCO is the country’s first commercial concrete blocks manufacturing venture and now expanded to five manufacturing facilities at different locations of Bangalore. APCO is synonumous with concrete blocks and are pioneers in the field. More than four decades of intensive research and comprehensive survey amongst engineers, architects, builders and conctractors has enabled us to innovate value added blocks.

APCO has today over 10,00,000 proud and satisfied customers in corporate and group housing sector and over 10,00,000 individuals in the home segment. Practically, APCO blocks have been patronized by every leading builder, thus holding testimony to APCO’s superior technology and commitment to quality products. APCO’s incredible range of blocks take care of every conceivable need for the user. We have acquired an American made besser block plant which is fully automated and can produce 24,000 unmatchable high quality blocks per day. Backed by 4 factories equipped with state of the art facilities, we produce over 75,000 blocks per day. We also have an effective transport system which offers quick and timely delivery to customers.

APCO is backed by a dynamic team consisting of third generation employees and family who are dedicated and committed to giving you the best product.

APCO blocks have several advantages. Their specially designed patented Cellular range of blocks help in doing a neat and precise conducting work for electrical and plumbing needs. Their solid blocks are with superior strength, better water absorption and density parameters. They are easy to build even during monsoons with low setting time as compared to conventional bricks. They come in various size and specifications suitable for load-bearing and non-load bearing applications.

So, this time when you plan to build, come to APCO. We will help you build a wall that will stand the test of time.